COVID Guidelines


COVID Guidelines.

There are a number of small changes to the way we have to run the class for the time being. Please take a quick look at the below:


Rule No.1: Feeling ill? Don’t come.

If you have any symptoms of COVID, or a cough, cold, temperature or similar, please stay home and help keep the club safe. Ideally allow at least 2 weeks until you come back.


Class Time: Normal start time 7pm (19.00)

Venue: Same as always, Woodrush Sports Centre – School Gym.


Class duration: 1.5 Hours

One of the changes for us coming back is a slight reduction in class duration for now. Class will be 1.5 hours, instead of the normal 2 hours. This is only temporary and we do hope to return to full length in time, but for now it allows us to get back to training and helps to avoid any cross over with other users of the facilities.


Class Cost:

Due to the reduced class duration, the new class cost will be a little lower at £5 for the full 1.5 hours.



As part of the new Covid guidelines, we have to avoid taking cash where possible. To make it easier we have a couple of changes:

1. Paypal

The below link will allow you to quickly pay via Paypal:


If using the above link please add 10% to the payment (to cover the paypal fees which we can't unfortunately avoid)

If using Paypal, please ensure you pay before the class, so we know who is attending.

The payment will show as ‘ZEN’ and possibly my name (Phil).


2. Cash

Need to pay cash? Not a problem. We can still accept cash, but we can’t provide change – to avoid people rummaging around in the tin. In other words, if you want to pay cash please use the correct money and just drop it in.


Hand Sanitizer/PPE

Woodrush will be providing hand gel in prime locations, so please use this on the way in and out. Also, please bring your own too – it will be recommended to use a few times during class.

I will try to bring some too, but it’s best to have your own.

Please also bring a face covering when coming along. It probably won’t be required during class, but may be needed with any interactions with the gym/desk/staff.

Woodrush Guidelines:

Further Woodrush Guidelines can be found here: