Would you like to build a stronger, fitter body AND learn the real skills of martial arts and self defence?

Discover South Birmingham Kung Fu, your path to success in a fun, friendly environment!

Improve your stamina, fitness, flexibility, strength and co-ordination, whilst stimulating your mind by learning traditional techniques and patterns from one of the rarest Kung Fu styles.

Also perfect for beginners, whatever your age or ability!

You can learn:

·         Effective strikes and punches

·         Powerful kicks and combinations

·         Patterns

·         Self Defence

·         Fitness and Strength Building

·         Traditional Weapon Skills

·         Balance and form

·         And much more!

Come along for your free session this week!

Thursday nights, 7pm, Woodrush Sports Centre,
Shawhurst Lane, Hollywood, Wythall, B47 5JW,

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